Misting Systems

• 8 Metre water feed line (High quality UV Protected rubber hose)

• 5 Adjustable bodies

• 5 Premium brass and stainless steel misting nozzles

• 20 Cable ties

• 20 hose mounting clips with nails

• Hose to tap connecter (3/4 inch)

• Instruction and care manual

NB: You can add more nozzles on for bigger areas

Benefits of a Patio Misting System

1. Reduces temperature by up to 12 degrees. Just imagine the fun you can have on your patio and backyard if you didn't have to worry about the heat!

2. Uses minimal amount of water. The water pressure in the hose is enough to operate the system. How easy is that?

3. Creates a dynamic visual effect.

4. Keep your family and your pets free from biting insects! You will enjoy an insect free outdoor environment.

5. Not only for Cooling! A patio misting system can solve other outdoor issues like frost protection, air filtration, removal of bad odors, fire and smoke control, dust abatement, etc..

6. A Gift for your pet: Not only for humans! Pets too will live better in the environment you will create with a patio misting system!

7. Installation is a breeze and can be done in one afternoon. Better yet do it in the morning and you can enjoy it in the afternoon!