Oval Lapas

Hot dipped Galvanised frames - 90mm Machined round CCA Treated poles

The first is the option to purchase the kit. This kit includes 6 to 8 sections of roof framework plus allthe thatch tiles required to complete the project with poles.

- 3m X 4.5m OVAL FRAME - 6 SECTIONS - 4 poles
- 4m X 6m OVAL FRAME - 6 SECTIONS - 6 poles
- 5m X 7m OVAL FRAME - 8 SECTIONS - 8 poles

All these options gives you the flexibility of installing drop down canvas side panels.

Our Circular kits can be used to create a stunning shelter or gazebo.

All of our thatched Umbrellas come in kit form and are supplied with simple instructions for self-assembly. All kits Include, thatched top cone, thatched tiles, galvanised roof frame, timber centre pole and instructions.

NB. All Thatch Tile Structures are simple to install and come with full instructions and all fixings. Alternatively we would be delighted to provide a quote should you require us to install the structures for you. All Prices include VAT.