Info on the Tiling Theme Thatch System

Info on where the world stops to relax...

This option gives you the flexibility of installing drop down canvas side panels.

Our Kits can be used to create a stunning shelter or gazebo.

All of our thatched Umbrellas come in kit form and are supplied with simple instructions for self-assembly.

All Kits Include

Our impressive Thatch Umbrellas in natural Cape reed. The umbrellas will surround any beach front or home and playground with that one of kind look! From the spirit of an invigorating adventure our Natural Thatch Umbrellas compliment any private area, even in a backyard. The durability of Natural Cape reed Thatch Umbrellas creates the ambience for your guests stay and makes the difference in relaxation and enjoyment in the serenity of the surroundings you’ve developed. Thatch Umbrellas are an exciting and functional addition where the world stops to relax.


Umbrellas come in a kit format for easy installation

Natural Thatch Umbrellas are available in one styles: REED using CAPE Reed Thatch Panels.

Thatch produces a cooler shade (approx. 9 to 13 degrees) compared to the canvas covers as warm air can escape through the reed.

There is no wind uplift with the Thatch umbrellas as the clipped panels is clipped on the bar.